Wireless intraoral dental camera กล้องตรวจฟัน

รหัสสินค้า : MCP006
ยี่ห้อ : OEM
รุ่น : MCP006
ราคา :5,500.00 ฿
รายละเอียดสินค้า :

This 2.4Ghz Wireless Dental Camera system is composed of 3 main components: a wireless dental camera, a wireless receiver, a USB easycap live video capture adapter . The dental camera’s 1/4″ CMOS sensor gives you high-res color images, and the 4 high-intensity white cold light LEDs means that you’ll need no external light source.
Wireless camera specifications:
1.Signal systems: NTSC
2.4 white cold light LEDs
3.Transmitting power: 10mW
4.Emitting frequency: 2.4Ghz
5.Effective range: 30M-50M (No other blocks)
6.Magnification: 30-50 times
7.Focus range: 5mm-25mm
8.Image:1/ 4” CMOS Sensor
9.Dimensions: l/ 205mm , w/ 30mm , h/ 20mm
10.Handle weight: 100g (batteries not included)

Wireless receiver specifications:

1.Receiving sensitivity: 85 DBM
2.Output signal format: NTSC-AV
3.Signal/Noise ratio: 45 DBM
4.Antenna resistance: 50 Ohm
5.Communication channels: 4
6.Power supply: DC 9V/300mA
7.Dimensions: l/ 120mm , w/ 80mm , h/ 40mm
8.Weight: 200g

USB2.0 easycap video capture adapter specifications:
1.Support USB2.0, full hot pluggable
2.Full high resolution, 352*288,640*576,720*576 pixels
3.Comes with image capture and management software, freeze and save the images within Windows2000/XP/Vista

Camera power source supply
1.Require 4 pcs AAA batteries(not included)

System Requirements
1.For image capture and save: Windows 2000/XP/Vista computer with available USB 2.0 port
2.For display only: Monitor or TV with a video-input RCA jack

Package Contains:
1.SolarCam brand wireless dental camera with English manual
2.High performance 2.4Ghz wireless receiver with power supply
3.Mini USB2.0 easycap video capture adapter
4.Image capture and management software (CD)
5.Video cable ( 2M )
6.No battery
7.30 disposal plastic sleeves preventing infections
8.Total package weights 2.0KG

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