NEW 25-400X Digital Microscope 1.3MP Video Cam 908M (Without Box)

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New Version 400X Digital Microscope through Television

Product Specifications:

Resolution: Same to Monitor display Max Pixel: 2M (1600 x 1200)
Microscope lens with 2 stages Zoom
Magnification Rate: 25X – 400X
Built-in light source: 4 LED 20000 mLux
5 V DC power (Adapter)

TV Digi-Microscope is a very good tool for micro-view; it can easily be used in different fields:

Skin inspection
Hair inspection
Industrial inspection: PCB, Material…..
Print industrial
Biological inspecation
Jewel inspection
Education purpose

Outlook & Accessories

Power supply set (5 V DC adapter)
Video input cable
Matal stand
User guide

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